Our Advice

To help you ensure a successful partnership with your PM/EHR solutions, here are a few words of wisdom:
  • Sign up with a PM/EHR solution that is completely integrated so that you do not need more than one solution to meet your needs

  •  Make sure there are no hidden costs such as costs for each claim sent, each patient statement printed or each scanned image saved.

  • Make sure that your PM/EHR solution is Stage 2 (or 2014) certified COMPLETE (not partial and not stage 1).

  • Only sign up with an agreement that has no terms.  You don't want to be locked in as your company fails due to an unsatisfactory PM/EHR solution.

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MOSES Cloud Complete EHR© Solutions

The following is a list of features found in our 


MOSES Cloud© Practice Management


MOSES Cloud© Electronic Medical Records


The Practice Management features are first listed.
If you want to learn about the EMR features, they begin on page 5.


MOSES Cloud© Practice Management

Customizable Desktop

Each user has the capability of customizing the layout of their desktop and how certain features behave. This customization allows for MOSES to be configured such that it works efficiently for each user's unique responsibilities.

Patient Demographics

The patient demographics is a comprehensive set of data that include general information as the patient's name, social security number, address, phones, etc. It also include extensive information such as unlimited insurance policies, all attorney related information (for PIP cases for example), historical diagnosis, unlimited authorizations, unlimited notes and many many other components that round out ALL information necessary to manage the patient's care.

Patient Encounters

A patient encounter is considered a scheduled visit found on the provider's schedule. Associated with each encounter is a superbill that is uniquely assigned  a control number each time it is printed. This prevents criminal activity at the front desk.

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